Extraction One – Kinetic Resistance (Original Works)

Kinetic – The Origins of The Resistance

In these links, you will find a summary of my most recent original work, tentatively titled “Kinetic”.

It is an idea I’ve been toying with for at least five years, and I have the great Claudio Sanchez (frontman of the progressive rock band Coheed & Cambria, and comic book author of ‘The Amory Wars’, as well as several other works) to thank for stoking the flames of inspiration with his work, and the work of his bandmates.  Mr. Sanchez, years of listening to your band have given me the drive to create – something only well-written music can do – and watching interviews with you has continued to drive me to publish my own work (though I am certainly no artist and cannot even pretend to write a decent song).  What follows in these pages are snippets of character studies, narrative and dialogue extractions, as well as inspired prompts I’ve used over the past five years to flesh out the meat of my story.

So follow me to The Acropolis, a galaxy so named for its deconstructed and unkempt formation, and home to Planet Sha’di 6 – where purity and humanity are subject to the whims of politics, and the line between right and wrong is blurred by irrepressible fear.


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