Audmium – Gem of the Gods

After the discovery of Audmium deposits in newborn human children on Sha’di 6, research into its effects on the body were almost immediately implemented.

The evidence uncovered was astounding, and for a time kept completely classified.  For years scientists and doctors studied children, sometimes even against the wishes of their respective parents.

Before long, the effects of Audmium on the central nervous systems and muscle control of the subjects became glaringly evident.  Audmium was not just a gem of discovery, it was an active participant in the life cycle of the affected subject and, without proper control could destroy the body.  Each subject was observed carefully until it became clear that Audmium was not only changing the make-up of the body on Sha’di, it was augmenting its power.

The subjects were not just changing bio-chemically, they were becoming something else.  Something more powerful than any normal human being.

Something dangerous.

The following data journal entries were uncovered in a destroyed research facility nearly forty years after The Ark left Sha’di 6, and did not schedule a return trip.

 Central Solar Date (CSD) 3025.3




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