Setting: Sha’di 6 – Under the Purple Sky

The Arcon Solar System is comprised of thirteen planets, only six of which are suitable for human life to thrive.  It is an old system, composed of a younger yellow dwarf sun and two other white dwarf stars, orbiting so far outside the sun that they bathe the dawn and dusk skies of their celestial children with the brilliant colors of their ancient remnants.

Sha’di 6, the last of the colonized planets in this system is a new colony and so far only having been inhabited for little more than a century, is alive with purple/pink light at dawn, and wrapped in a blanket of purple-black at dusk.  In its earliest days the resource rich planet was divided into four sectors by its colonists, sent there by a hegemonic government known only as The Ark.  Sha’di’s political structure is infantile, so unstable that one could not give a name to such a system of government other than a kind of anarchist aristocracy.  Money is the key to success on Sha’di, and is the key to power without question.  Attempts at democracy are usually, and quite easily, manipulated by financial lobbying.

Sha’di is a resource rich world, and has been allowed almost absolute autonomy by the Ark due to its myriad economic contributions.  Communications high technology is also created on Sha’di, making it an important starport in the Arcon System and a popular destination for business contractors.

A mere two decades after Sha’di’s colonization, a new material was found in the deep desert mines of Sector Four.  Its stone and gem-like composition was unlike any before seen in humanity’s exploration of the known universe, yet was so pure that it was deemed revolutionary; unique unto itself and not alloyed with any other elemental materials, Audmium was a rare and precious commodity that stunned what humanity knew of the universe’s make-up.

Soon, Audmium was mined in massive quantities and sold to the highest bidders for research, refinement, and fashioning.  But the love affair with Audmium in The Acropolis would be short-lived.  It’s bio-interaction with human life was quickly observed, and within a few decades, babies born planet-side on Sha’di were born with deposits of Audmium in their bodies – nearly 3 in 10.

Scientists were quick to reinvent the study of how elements, especially Audmium, would affect the future of humanity on Sha’di 6.  But as is seen so often in the history of civilization, their motives were quickly influenced by power and greed.  And Sha’di 6 would soon become a lost world, neglected by The Ark and left, for the most part, to its own devices.

Sha’di 6 would become something of a mystery, not only to the Arcon Solar System, but for the entirety of The Acropolis.


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