Rhapsody in Flames

vegetarifThe sequel to ‘Requiem in Blue’ – The Saiya-jin Empire is in ruins, haunted by an elusive Furiza, and its royal bloodline hinged on the one warrior Bulma is bound to by the terms of her salvation.  Loyalties must be tested, and old hatred must be replaced not only with trust, but with real desire… or perhaps love?  Bulma must seek true redemption, or lose everything.

Rhapsody in Flames on fanfiction (dot) net


One comment on “Rhapsody in Flames

  1. I was looking for the continuation to this awesome tic and I don’t know how the hell I got here, but please , pretty please do continue!!! It has to be a chapter 3. If you don’t, the Aisu-jin win 😦

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