Is there anyone out there, and why does it matter?

People ask me why I write science fiction.  No, really they do.

Science fiction is the fabric of human imagination; I am absolutely convinced of this fact.  I’m not convinced of it because I feel it’s better than any other type of fiction, or because it somehow trumps the conventional tropes of modern literature or that people who write other types of fiction are somehow less creative than sci-fi.

The reason I’m convinced that it is the fabric of human imagination is because, although it is not better to read or superior to other genres, I find that sci-fi (and fantasy) are the more difficult genres to create as an author.

Think about this; when an author creates sci-fi, or fantasy, there has to be enough reality intertwined in the fabric of your non-reality for it to be sympathetic to your audience.  The audience needs to relate to your non-reality enough so that for them, it’s interesting and dynamic and they WANT to be a part of it.

Science fiction is, at its heart, the exploratory spirit of humanity.  We want to know what’s out there…  We want to know if there are other planets that sustain life, and we want to know how many of them are like us, or sort of like us, or peaceful, hostile, ugly, beautiful–!  I could go on.  Not only that, but as a writer who has been telling stories since the 7th grade and before I knew really what aliens were, this genre creates an entire platform on which to create something never created before, even if it doesn’t involve extra-terrestrials.  We build on the ideas of others and use the inspiration of past science fiction authors as a basis for the story we want to tell; the possibilities become so endless that, for a story-teller it is as vast as the universe itself.  Infinite.

Science Fiction matters because, as a single people, we want to discover.  We need to discover, and that is the single most important element in human society since the beginning of time.

I hope I can explore that sentiment in this blog.  I want to explore the story I’m currently working on, as well as works by other amazing authors of science fiction.

Join me~~~!  ^_^